Bertrand Gruyer

Bertrand Gruyer


Exhibitions :

    2022: Selected to participate in the ARAMI 95 Art Fair - Eaubonne - France
    2022: Selected for the New York Art Center Art Fair - New York - United States
    2022: Selected for group show exhibition – Tapis Rouge - Colombes - France

    2021 - Collective Exhibition - "Journeys: to the Edge of Reality" - Art Trope Gallery - Arles - France
    2021 : Collective Exhibition - "Mirrors: The Power of Reflection" - Art Trope Gallery - Paris - France
    2020: Collective Exhibition during the PODADA at the Carré des Créateurs – Colombes Cultural Space City - France
    2020: Collective Exhibition - Five3 Gallery - Laguna Beach California - United States
    2010: Collective Exhibition - Carré des Créateurs - Colombes Cultural Space City - France
    2007: Individual Exhibition - Hôtel Beaumarchais - Paris - France
    2006: Individual Exhibition - Château d´Argy - Indres - France
    2005: Collective Exhibition - Crédit Mutuel de Bretagne Exhibition Hall - Rennes - France
    2005: Individual Exhibition - Heart Galerie - Paris - France
    2004: Individual Exhibition - Ma Joie Production - Paris - France
    2004: Collective Exhibition - Red carpet - Colombes - France

Mirage Bodies
"Mirage Bodies" highlights the truth of bodies that happen without reality. This series is composed of shadows and lights which imply disturbing carnal sensations. The relationship between our bodies and their images has always been fluid with the body that we judge when we meet it in the mirror, that we show or that we hide, which changes over time ... Photography can sublimate the body or betray it, there is always something of a mirage since our brain transcribes our reality from what we perceive. “Mirage Bodies” invites us to get lost and perhaps meditate on the stories of truth and lies between our eyes and the reality of our bodies.
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Pearls of the Sun
This "Pearls of the Sun" series is a capture of luminous moments. If we place ourselves in a state of curiosity and appeasement life is never ordinary. The marvelous can arise at any time and the camera becomes a sieve that can reveal some golden glitter of the real. The intensity of the sunlight then opens the gates for the imagination and now the time to wake up turns back to the dream. Discovering multiple unknown facets is a constant gift.
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Interior Windows
The gaze stopped to release the vision of each photograph like a painting. A blurred window that only lets light and the colors of the street pass through, transforms the outside world into a receding abstraction, inviting the gaze to return to interior paths. Like a window that allows us to see further into ourselves and to tune in with the world.
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This series, called “Traces”, underlines a journey through a spontaneous generation of poetic forms. The photographed shapes tell us a mysterious story. If everything that exists deteriorates, nothing disappears without letting something else appear. The idea that chance does not exist allows us to move forward and focus ourselves on the unknown, which turns out to be a great designer. What energies and what spirits are at work behind these compositions that spark our imaginations?
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