At 8 a.m. , at the end of the morning light, the sun overflows its rays on a winter morning, bestowing this spectacular sight upon me for an hour. The silence and solitude in these still lifeless offices intensify the sight, even if I had already passed two early risers, perhaps the temple keepers. I allow myself to be imbued in this daily routine where an exceptional view emerges. I become one with this privileged moment which reveals mystery and reflection and plays with this fascinating light. 
Overwhelmed by the reflections of this glass area of a light merchant, with its infinite views of Paris, I am lost and recalled the glass labyrinths of the funfairs where everything is intertwined and intermingled. As a child I thought I was on my way out to the exit, but with the laughter that hide my fear, I would escape.
Today, neither laughter nor fear, but it is as if i am intoxicated by the panorama that surrounds me almost 360°, trying to decompose and therefore recompose the reflections of these landscapes that bounce endlessly before my eyes, without the possibility to catch one.
Quickly, i should hurry up. I have less than an hour in three mornings, I have no time to think, I let my heart move, I pull out Bam Bam Bam...
- Hello, how are you? Yes, good morning, thanks and you? The hour has passed, about forty people come to settle down and get busy.
However, I couldn't resist going back to watch the sunset...