Florence Sartori


Florence Sartori entered the art world at a very young age due to a favorable environment for an artistic career. After attending the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique in Paris, she continued to work with performers, musicians, dancers, actors, and artists. The fusion of all these artistic worlds driven by creativity then led to the desire to work with matter and create a new tool of expression through sculpture. Strongly inspired by movements of the body during a dance, Florence Sartori began her studies and work on the dynamics of the female body in motion, attending various sculpture workshops and using her long observation of dancers as her foundation. Along with terracotta, she creates with melting material – bronze -, cultivating the concept of the original element inherent in terracotta. This explains why her bronzes are often unique pieces in different formats. Her work is regularly exhibited at various galleries in France (Paris, Aix-en-Provence, Marseille), Italy (Florence), and the United Kingdom (London).

This series focuses on the dynamics of the body in motion, revealing notions of tensing and stretching.
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Woman, singular and plural
This series focuses on different timeless female figures and presents the Woman's body through its most universal aspects: curves and voluptuousness, flexibility and sensuality, balance in space, tensing of the body, suspended movement, swaying hips or aerial arabesque.
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